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Waku Waku Japan

Tokyo | Fuji Five Lakes | Izu Peninsula

Story by Ping Woo Tan December 11th, 2016

In 2015, I set foot in Japan for the first time and instantly fell in love. At the start of 2016, Jia and I were fortunate enough to learn Japanese under the wonderful Morikawa-san. Since it would be a waste if we did not put what we learnt to practical use, it was a straightforward decision to come back for Jia's graduation trip.

In our previous trip, we spent too short a time in the metropolis of Tokyo. This time, we decided to focus on exploring the wonders of Tokyo and make two short trips to the nearby areas of Fuji Five Lakes and Izu Peninsula (a weekend destination popular with the residents of Tokyo).

We landed at Narita Airport and took the Keisei Skyliner into Tokyo, on which we received a good dose of Japanese hospitality from the friendly conductor.

Fuji 1.JPG
Fuji 2.jpg

From Shinjuku station, we took a bus to our first destination - the Fuji Five Lakes area.

Fuji 3.JPG
Fuji 4.JPG
Fuji 5.jpg

Fuji Five Lakes

We stayed at a small ryokan by the smallest of the five lakes - Lake Shoji. In the previous trip, we went to Hakone, but we didn't get to see Mt Fuji as it was too foggy. This time, we were blown away.

Fuji 7.jpg

We went around the Fuji Five Lakes area for different views of the revered mountain.

Fuji 11.jpg
Fuji 8.JPG
Fuji 13.JPG
Fuji 9.JPG
Fuji 10.JPG

And some other sights along the way.

Fuji 12.JPG
Fuji 15.JPG
Fuji 16.JPG
Fuji 22.JPG

This is Yamadaya Hotel, a small family-run ryokan where we stayed for 2 nights. They served dinner and breakfast and the spread was very impressive. They also changed the menu for us on the 2nd night of our stay.

Fuji 24.JPG
Fuji 23.JPG

There are 2 private onsen rooms that guests can book for half-hour slots. We chose the sunrise slot.

Fuji 17.JPG

We were supposed to wake up early to catch locals fishing on the quiet lake. Alas, Jia's tatami proved to be too comfortable.

Fuji 19.jpg
Fuji 20.JPG
Fuji 21.jpg

Izu peninsula

From Fuji, we went down south to the Izu Peninsula.


We trekked along the rugged Jogasaki Coast, listening to the waves crashing (and irrationally fearing for the next tsunami). The beautiful shapes on the coastline were formed when the lava flowing out of a volcano met the Pacific Ocean.

Ito 11.JPG
Ito 12.JPG
Ito 13.JPG
Ito 3.JPG
Ito 2.JPG

Taking the ropeway, we went up Mt Omuro, an extinct volcano. It is now covered with grass and offers spectacular views of the peninsula.

Ito 21.JPG
Ito 18.JPG
Ito 19.JPG
Ito 20.JPG

We visited Ito, a quaint onsen town, famous for Tokaikan, a hot spring ryokan built of wood from the early Showa period.

Ito 16.JPG
Ito 15.JPG
Ito 14.JPG

Shirahama Beach was dotted with surfers despite the drizzle and freezing winds, but the weather quickly turned fine and we spent much longer than we expected on the beach.

Ito 6.JPG
Ito 4.JPG
Ito 8.JPG
Ito 10.jpg


After 5 days, we finally headed back to Tokyo. This time, we chose the quiet (in comparison to Shinjuku) neighbourhood of Asakusa.

Tokyo 13.JPG
Tokyo 12.JPG
Tokyo 1.JPG

It is home to the famous Sensoji and there are photos to be made on every turn.

Tokyo 11.JPG

We had a view of the Sumida River from our hostel.


With the Tokyo Skytree lit up, Sumida River is even more beautiful at night. It was drizzling the night we took a stroll along the river (pardon the water droplets in the photos).

Tokyo 45.JPG
Tokyo 44.JPG

It is always slightly challenging to navigate the intertwined subway lines of Tokyo, but once you get familiar, it becomes very convenient to get around. Be sure to get the Tokyo Subway Ticket!

Tokyo 3.jpg
Tokyo 46.JPG
Tokyo 21.JPG

The streets of Tokyo are filled with colours.

Tokyo 5.JPG
Tokyo 6.JPG
Tokyo 7.JPG
Tokyo 10.JPG
Tokyo 8.JPG

And Mario Karts.

Tokyo 4.JPG

We went to picnic at Yoyogi Park. As it was transitioning from spring to summer, there was plenty of sunlight but still rather cooling. Perfect.

Tokyo 36.JPG
Tokyo 33.JPG
Tokyo 34.JPG
Tokyo 35.JPG
Tokyo 36 (1).JPG
Tokyo 37 (2).JPG

Coincidentally, there was a massive political demonstration going on.

Tokyo 31.JPG
Tokyo 38.JPG
Tokyo 32.JPG
Tokyo 39.JPG
Tokyo 40.JPG

We then visited the nearby Meiji Shrine in the evening.

Tokyo 41.JPG
Tokyo 42.JPG
Tokyo 43.JPG

Sometimes, I wonder if we are only here for the food.

Tokyo 28.JPG
Tokyo 22.JPG
Tokyo 23.JPG
Tokyo 47.JPG

Special mention goes to this tiny shop selling shio (salt) ramen. There are no signs on the outside, just a pork bone hung on a chain to indicate that the shop is open. There are only a couple of seats, and all are by the counter.

Tokyo 50.JPG
Tokyo 51.JPG

The Yakitori Alleys (one at Shinjuku and the other in Ginza) are particularly charming. Okay, we just couldn't resist the skewers and had to visit both.

Tokyo 27.JPG
Tokyo 18.JPG
Tokyo 19.JPG
Tokyo 19 (1).JPG
Tokyo 20.JPG
Tokyo 26.JPG

Based on the advice of an Israeli couple we met at the yakitori, we walked over to the Tokyo International Forum where there were food stands and musical performances.

Tokyo 29.JPG
Tokyo 30.JPG

One night, we took a train ride up to Saitama to watch the Urawa Red Diamonds and Pohang Steelers play out a 1-1 draw in the AFC Champions League. The match was rather eventful, with each team awarded a penalty and a scuffle between both sets of players at full-time. We also got to witness firsthand the legendary Red Wall support.

Tokyo 48.JPG
Tokyo 49.JPG

On other nights, we roam the streets of Shinjuku.

Tokyo 14.JPG
Tokyo 17.JPG
Tokyo 16.JPG
Tokyo 15.JPG

This second trip allowed us to experience even more of Japan and we just can't get enough. We will be back soon.

Footnote: All photos taken on Nikon FM2, colour negatives.